Valerie Suto is a New Jersey native and now resides in Monroe, Connecticut. Val is a mostly self-taught artist but also studied Graphic Design and Fine Art at Seton Hall University. She uses a variety of techniques and many different types of media, but her specialty lies in portraits, done in pencils and watercolors. Most of Val’s career as an artist thus far has consisted of commissioned artwork, ranging from traditional portraits to custom furniture.

In her more recent artworks, Val has been inspired by her travels. During her visits to her ancestral country of Ireland over the past two years, she viewed gorgeous landscapes of lush green as well as the beautiful beaches of the coasts. She met the most vibrant of people and the most charismatic of animals. The pride and excitement of Ireland can be seen in pieces such as the watercolors of The Irish Horse and The Coast of Innis Moher.

As COVID-19 has kept us all from worldly travels, Val recently explored the sights of The United States on a four-week cross-county RV adventure. From the hiking in Grand Teton National Park to the rafting through The Colorado River in The Grand Canyon, Val was immersed in the beauty of our country. The sights have inspired her to experiment with new media and venture into landscapes, which can be seen in the paintings of Desert Tree and The Hoodoos.

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